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Countries and Organizations (Local and International) have been formulating strategies toward achievement of sustainable development in recent years.

Their agendas and strategies cover the environment, human element and economic dimensions together with the Institutions that provide implementation mechanisms. But these three important dimensions have been treated over time separately and without recognizing their interrelations.

Integrating them and treating them in a holistic manner provides tools for analyzing the feature course of these systems and evaluating more of their interdefendence, scenarios and policy options. The best way to do is through collaboration and through Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

Consequently, in December 2002, the 57th session of the United Nation of Assembly adopted a resolution to launch the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD).

As a response to the challenge of the DESD the United Nations University Institute of Advance Studies (UNU/IAS) intiated a new programme on ESD in 2003 in six programme areas one of which is the REGIONAL CENTRE OF EXPERTISE (RCE).

An RCE is a group or network of organizations, agencies and institutions synergized and mobilized to deliver ESD to local and regional communities.